Two of Us: Ash & Ian.

We started Two of Us to make purposeful and effective design available to everyone. And because it’s just the two of us, we can really get to know your brand without going through middlemen (or charging you for them).

We have 16 years of collective experience and now share ideas and pencils on projects of all sizes. There are exactly 176 miles between Ash in Birmingham and Ian in Brighton, so we can even visit you wherever you’re based.

Ready to call us? Didn’t think so. Read some more.

Design isn’t black & white.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to design. That’s why we work closely with you to create work that ticks your boxes and speaks to your audience. Plus we promise we’ll always work within your budget and to your brief.

And there’s something else you should know. We tell you exactly what we think you need to make your business better. That means no gimmicks, no unnecessary stationery sets, no ineffective campaigns. Just design that works.

And we’re 100% honest. Find out just how honest.

We want to work with you. But we need you to trust us.

Is this where most design practices show you their work? Well we’ve both designed for some great brands across education, medical, retail, music and the arts – but it just doesn’t seem honest to show you old agency work.

Yes, we have experience in brand identity, print design, advertising, digital, illustration and typography. But we think it makes more sense to show you what we can do for you, not what we’ve done for others. Makes sense, right?

So are you warming to us now? Here’s what’s next.

Say hello to Two of Us.

Get in touch with Ash or Ian. If you’re not sure which one of us to contact then flip a coin or choose the one that’s closest to you. Either way, say hello and tell us about your business and what challenges you’re facing.

Then leave it to us. We’ll find out what’s unique about your business and advise on how to communicate this. If you like what we have to say then we can start making effective work together and begin growing your brand.

Get ready to meet Ash & Ian.